If keeping it natural is more your style, we can bring out and emphasise your best features, lightly perfect your complexion and make you look radiant using natural tones… Add some natural looking lashes for that little extra…You still get to feel like you whilst giving you that extra bit of confidence!


Soft glam adds a bit more definition and smokiness to the eyes to really make them pop! Warm tones, cool tones or subtle colours all work well, and a slightly heavier lash can be applied to finish the look!
A medium coverage base gives you a flawless complexion, whilst light contouring can really define your features!


Soft glam amped up!
Full on smokey or cut crease eyes in all tones and colours and maybe some glitter!
A medium to full coverage base, highlight, contour and full on lashes bring this look
to life! If you want to feel your ultimate glam self this could be the look for you!

The above are just guides,
so rest assured all these looks can be tailored to suit you and your individual tastes and style!